About us

At the beginning of the 21st century, the political, social and economic models that have held sway for much of the second half of the 20th century are beginning to look out of date and out of touch. Many citizens believe that these models no longer have answers to the pressing issues of our time: globalisation, climate change and the emergence of powerful new digital technologies.

Digital technologies have already wrought irresistible change on our personal and professional lives and will do the same to the way we organise our societies. We believe that political leaders and citizens need to embrace the transformational power of technology and turn it into a force for the better. We need to harness technology to discover new ways of managing and sharing the public space.

We created CEPA in 2015 out of a profound conviction that technology-driven innovation is about to fundamentally change the fabric of society and to disrupt the way public services are delivered. We believe there is a need for a broad multi-disciplinary approach and complementary skills and expertise to develop a sound understanding of these processes and roadmaps to guide them towards delivering societally desirable outcomes.

CEPA is a network of internationally recognised experts in the fields of technology, political science, public administration, economics and finance.

  • We analyse the disruptive impact of emerging technologies on the structures and functioning of the public sector, and provide research, advice and training to public sector leaders and change agents;
  • We partner with academic institutions, international organisations, civil society and the public-sector and participate in international projects to conduct collaborative research, disseminate good practice and promote economic development;
  • We develop and propose concepts for improving the public sector, re-engaging with citizens and rebuilding the social contract; and
  • We provide guidance and hands-on practical support to entrepreneurial visionaries and community leaders looking to launch innovative social impact projects.

Through CEPAlab, we engage directly in social impact projects and support the implementation and piloting of disruptive innovation that will improve public service delivery and citizen engagement.